Ever Connected, Ever Evolving D.P. Agarwal (Chairman & MD)

Dear Shareholders and Readers,
In today’s era, tailored logistics services are a key to success for companies in many industries. We are proficient in this business and are determined to offer every customer precisely the service they need to be successful. Doing this means facing a wide range of challenges, even within one industry. We are more than aware that our success is reliant on the success of our customers.

In the logistics business, you need size, reach, scalable products and innovative services to compete over the long term and achieve profitable growth. Likewise, you have to identify and open up potential in future growth markets and industries.TCI has a continuous thrust to look at growth opportunities which include opening of a world class temperature controlled warehouse to service the cold chain industry and providing end-to-end cross border solutions across SAARC countries by opening its 100% subsidiary, TCI Bangladesh Ltd.

Furthermore, we remain confident that we shall achieve the objectives we have set for ourselves.The expected implementation of GST will boost the demand for warehousing, 3PL solutions and multi modal services, areas where the company has a strong market presence.

It is your trust that drives us!
We shall continue to press forward with spirit and determination to maintain this TRUST.