Employees on Safety Continuous Improvement Teams identify potential gaps and propose improvements to safety procedures. And for the drivers of TCI vehicles on the road every day, accident prevention is the focus, a goal supported by defensive driving courses that teach drivers the principles of avoiding unsafe situations.

Driver training also is an essential element of the company’s well-rounded safety program, complementing the skills of the men and women responsible for the safe transport of goods and freight around the globe.

Checkpoints followed in our operations - Own, Vendor & Market Fleet

Parameters Own Vendor Market
Trucks Condition Good road worthy Good road worthy Good road worthy
Drivers Well Trained with Uniform Well Trained with Uniform Briefing/Spot training
Truck Documents Yes Yes Yes
GPS Fitments Yes Yes Preferable
GPS Monitoring Yes Yes VTS
Driver Enroute Behavior Monitoring Yes Yes Status call

“Moving India Safely”