TCI is always focused on value creation for all stakeholders through commitment and excellence to serve common good, development and legacy. TCI is proficient to leverage excellence on all fronts of governance, services, operations and people in the sharing of the excellence with society to drive sustainability. TCI Group is committed to serve the communities in the country with a motto of “Equality and Better Life for All” through TCI Foundation. TCI Foundation is proudly associated with various projects of the Government of India, State Governments, Public Sector Undertakings, Corporates and international organizations.

Health Camp was organized by Khushi Clinic

Khushi Clinic organized Health camp with an aim to provide quality based health services for truck drivers at different HPCL outlets. The health check-up & treatment served to the truckers was in order to provide awareness about health and other health related issues amongst them. The support staff took up the initiative to provide specific services such as registration of patients, facilitation of queues, etc.
During the health camp, following activities were undertaken:-

  • Free specialized health checkup and general health / STI Problems;
  • Free distribution of medicines;
  • Group session on safe sex Practices, HIV/AIDS;
  • Information on STI treatment and use of preventive measure
588 people availed services at 6 different locations; awareness amongst drivers and received positive response from the community.

TCI Foundation observed World AIDS Day

TCI Foundation observed World AIDS Day with great enthusiasm at its corporate office in Gurugram on 1st December 2019 to show its support & end the HIV/AIDS disease by conducting signature campaign & distributing educational material and red ribbons.
On the same day, it also organized 19 HIV testing camps for truck drivers and health games to spread awareness at various locations across India. Overall 21 clinics participated. Rallies were also conducted with placards and candle march and formation of human chain was done to create awareness amongst the communities living with HIV/AIDS.


Khushi Clinic, TCI Foundation, Jaipur helped save a life

A 6-year old child, Virat, resident of Post Bakariyawala, Distt Sirsa, Haryana was suffering from Congenital Heart Disease and was admitted in Narayana Multispecialty Hospital, Jaipur, Rajasthan.
The blood group of the patient was O Negative (O-). The doctors demanded 3 units of the blood group. Since O- blood group is rare, the family of the patient was unable to manage the same and that is where the staff of Khushi Clinic, TCI Foundation, Jaipur stepped in. Khushi Clinic arranged the required O Negative (O-) blood units with the help of Shanti Blood Bank & Shubham Blood Bank in Jaipur and the treatment was done successfully.
Virat, the patient, stayed in the hospital for about one month. Today, he is in a healthy condition. Virat’s parents are grateful to all the staff of Khushi Clinic, TCI Foundation, Jaipur for the help and support. The following people from Khushi Clinic, Jaipur played a major role:

  1. Shri Jay Govind, Project Co-ordinator
  2. Dr. Mukesh Kumar Yadav, Medical Officer
  3. Shri Naresh Kumar (Counsellor)
  4. Shri Sanwar Mal Saini, LT
  5. Shri Mukesh Kumar Gurjar, ORW

Swachhata Pakhawada

Under Swachh Bharat Mission, Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas and Ministry of Earth
Science celebrated Swachhata Pakhawada from 1st July to 15th July 2019.
HPCL Khushi Clinic conducted various activities with truck drivers, residents of nearby villages and schools near HPCL outlet across all seven locations. During the 15-days period Khushi Clinic created awareness and disseminated information amongst the targeted community on personal hygiene, healthy habits, safe drinking water and sanitation through various activities.
The programme was inaugurated on 1st July 2019 with a pledge ceremony at HPCL outlets on ‘Swachh, Swasth and Saksham India’. Khushi clinic staff members, HPCL outlet staff members and truck drivers actively participated in the same. During the Swachhata Pakhawada, about 2384 beneficiaries were reached through several activities.


Eye Specialty Health Camp conducted by TCI Foundation

UA specialty Health Camp was conducted at 7 HPCL Khushi Suraksha Clinics with the objective of providing eye check-up, general health check-up services and generate awareness about the need of timely health check-ups amongst truckers, their partners and other family members.
The objective was to generate awareness about eye related disorders and also early detection. Specialist doctors provided their services on specified themes. The camp had a total footfall of 724 patients out of which 418 patients received vision check-up, 86 patients received spectacles free of cost and 2 patients were successfully operated with cataract along with the support of Lions club.

Health Camp organised by GAIL Khushi Clinic, Pata

Health camp was conducted with the objective to generate awareness about the need of detecting health related issues and getting health check-ups done for the truckers and allied population at Khushi Clinic Gas Tanker Parking Area, Khanpur, Phaphund Auraiya on 25th July 2019.
Following activities were undertaken during the health camp:

  1. Free dental Check-up
  2. General Check-up
  3. STI Check-up
Free medicines were distributed to the beneficiaries, awareness drives were conducted through health games like ball game, card game and, magic show. Total 109 beneficiaries were reached through the camp.


TCI Foundation organized Staff Building Capacity Program in Kerala and Goa

As a mandate of Valvoline project Muskaan clinics & Transystem project KAVACH, the staff capacity building program was scheduled from 22nd to 24th January 2019 in Munnar, Kerala. Similar program was conducted in Goa from 25th to 27th March 2019 as a mandate of Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL) & Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL).
The program witnessed a total of 47 participants (including trainees and trainers) in Munnar and 46 of them in Goa.

Multi-Speciality Health Camp at Chandigarh

TCI Foundation in collaboration with Chandigarh Transport Association, Chandigarh State AIDS Control Society, Valvoline, J.K. Tyre and Cipla organized a multi specialty health camp and infotainment program at Chandigarh. The camp was attended by hundreds of truckers and allied population.


TCI Foundation in Association with Transystem Reached to Unreached

Organized free Camp in Lucknow, for Physically Challenged Citizen:

On behalf of Transystem, the TCI Foundation organized a free camp to support the physically challenged underprivileged citizens from March 21-25, 2015 in Lucknow.
Limbs Centre, Patna toiled day and night to render uninterrupted services to the targeted population. The Foundation rendered services including clinical examination, 191 artificial limbs, crutches, callipers, walking sticks, hearing aids and other physical aids to 172 physically challenged individuals.

TCI Foundation succeccfully organised Artificial Limbs transplantation centre camp on July 02, 2016 in joint collaboration with Patna Lions club. Issued 25 artificial limbs and appliances to differently abled persons. Between March 2008  and January 2016, the foundation has helped as many as 21,459 people ‘stand on their feet’.