Diary Inserts — Week on Two Pages

This is slightly stripped-down version of the "week on two pages" diary insert in Filofax Personal size. This is the only one of the original Filofax designs I actually like, but it has never been available in Swedish, my first language.

The Free Basic Version

This insert is available in a Swedish version, with all major Swedish holidays marked, and an English version, which right now only marks Saturdays and Sundays. If you want a version with English holidays marked and you have a bit of free time to help me out, let me know. With assistance I would also be able to provide diaries in other languages.

The basic versions are free to download and use. Duplex-print your chosen PDF on nice paper, cut it down and punch some holes. The area within the crop marks includes a bleed of 0,5mm.

The Not Quite Free Personalized Version

This is the same insert as the basic version, but with the option of adding date-specific notes important to you. Since this requires some hard-to-automate effort on my part, I’ve decided to sell this option for 50 SEK. Let me know if you’re interested.

These diary inserts have been made with Alfie.

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