The week-on-four-pages diary format revisited

For many years my favourite diary layout has been the week-on-two-pages, which I’ve made myself since 2012. One problem with this variant is the limited space allotted to each day, which I mostly worked around by adding a blank page as needed. I once tried a week-on-four-pages layout, but quickly realised it made my weeks too fragmented. Even though I added indicators to give you a sense of how far each week had progressed, it didn’t work for me to have my work-week split up by a turn of the page. I just couldn’t get enough of a bird’s eye perspective of the days ahead of me.

For 2016, I’m trying a hybrid of my previous designs—a week-on-four-pages layout, but where I’ve kept the work week (Monday through the Friday) on one spread and the weekend on the next. This means there’s plenty of room for notes, task lists och whatever I need. There is even room for a nice quote each week and a little reminder to try to tone my gratitude muscle. I’ve kept the progress indicators, just because I find them fancy.

This new layout of course makes the diary twice as thick as before. Good thing then that I just ordered a binder with 30 millimetre rings.

Download it and have a look. As always, the PDF is intended to be duplex printed and then cut down to size and punched.

— December 26th, 2015 · Tagged filofax & stationary porn

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