Duplex Printing with Lennox

They say the best inventions comes from scratching your own itch. I’ve been doing just that, lately.

Ever since we got a duplex laser printer at home I’ve been struggling with getting it to print two-page spreads in a way that made sense for my A5-binders. I’ve had no look getting this to work, so I finally tried to solve it with some scripting. The result is Lennox, a small Python script that takes any PDF you feed it and rearranges the pages into two-page spreads on landscape A4-paper. After duplex printing, you simply cut the paper stack in half and place the left half on top of the right half, to get all the pages in order.

You can run this script on any machine with Python 2.7 (together with PyPDF2) installed. If you’re a Mac user, I recommend running the script from an Automator print plugin. That way, you can easily run Lennox on any document directly from the print dialog.

A simple Automator print plugin

— November 4th, 2013 · Tagged code, python, planner & stationary porn

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